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this is your time

By Marisa Bellani


Marisa in her isolation place, Bondi Beach. Spring 2020


In this state of emergency

I might be the bearer of good news

You still exist

And you are asked to take care of yourself

The nicest care to keep your body strong and your mind alert

to think of your future

Why do not you try to rest and take the courage to walk towards your purpose?

Take this unprecedented time of halt to look at the world

Study the underlining of this agony

Try to sever from the intoxicating news; It wants to become your drug

All you care about

Drive your life

Within this turn of events, do not forget about you

Your meaning and your direction

The world is filled with words

I don’t think we need anymore

We can repurpose the existing

Isn’t it what we do anyways

Taking words and reshuffling them into new sentences with the same meanings

Old same stories told differently

What’s the point of flooding for same meanings

What’s our added value

Shouldn’t we instead study the history

Understand the steps towards which we are heading?

Hear me, my lovely

I don’t think that you are obsolete

Absolutely not

But do you know your past?

Do you know what they have been through?

Do you know what you can construct and predict?

Do you still believe that this is not an attempt to your liberties?

You don’t have to listen to me

You can even call me crazy

But have you looked at the books?

Can you show me a chapter

Where this kind of measures were not affecting the freedom of other humans

I have plenty of examples cramming from all over this this world

Each corner of each continent touched by each ocean has seen people fall under the claws of control

From Pacific to the cold waters of the Atlantic, Mediterranean sea to the Indian gulf. Are you going to tell me that I’m talking about something that doesn’t exist?

How long will I be able to write and publish this?

Here is to the value of new words old meanings rephrased constantly

Hoping that these new phrases made with those old words continue to ring the bells of freedom

Sweet dear Freedom

They locked us in

My house, my freedom

Money has lost value

Building is of no meaning

Don’t fall asleep, my dear friend

Your ceiling is now your infinite sky bearing all the stars of the universe

Look up and create

Transcend and innovate

Don’t give up

On you

On us

On them

You are responsible and resourceful

The most intelligent person I know

You will make yourself a priority

Love yourself and guide yourself

Carry others

Your power will spread to the weaker

Your wings spread and fly high and far

You will come back with good news and new friends

I’m waiting for you my friend

I love you and I’ll be there on the other side

this is your time


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