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28 Days Inside

By Sara Brajovic


Sara Brajovic in her confinement place, Belgrade. Spring 2020


My total confinement was more of a freak accident than a conscious decision. A practice of being at the wrong place at the wrong time that I follow so ardently.  I was in Berlin and decided to hop over to Belgrade to sign some papers. As the plane took off everything was normal but by the time, we landed the government had gone into an emergency state. I was told at the airport that they are putting me (and everyone else that landed) in home self-isolation for 28 days. If we leave our houses, we could get three years in jail. That is one successful way of inspiring people to stay indoors.

My freedom had been interrupted. It’s an odd feeling. I have been running on adrenaline and taking flights was no different than taking the bus around town. I understood the seriousness of the situation and that the government had to implement these measures even though it was a bit severe for my liking. How will I buy food? How will I walk my parent’s dog? I was more mad at myself for not staying in Germany where you still had some limited freedom.

What I will learn from this period in history is to stay put more.

Since my freedom was restricted, I was not having any of that usual Spartan lifestyle at home. I decided to give myself freedom. I would get up when I want, eat what I want, not exercise and get rid of any structure. I do realise that I am lucky since I do not have kids at home who would require me to be responsible.  Aladdin also granted me my second and third wish. The food was being brought home for me and the dog was being walked. There are still some wonderful humans out there.  Perfect- so now I really had no responsibilities.

I would play the piano most of the day. Brush up on old pieces that I used to play at the Conservatory and re interpret the pieces that I wrote. I would also pair them up with electronic music in the background. I am doing a lot of music research, listening to Gregorian chant and symphonic orchestras.  I found really interesting videos on YouTube describing individual instruments’ sounds by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. I do a lot of design and fine art research as well; I am doing some consulting on this subject.   Slightly obsessed with antiques….and of course the endless cooking with obscene amounts of calories. Watch out summer body! By the sound of things, I will be ok since summer will be cancelled.

The good news is my 28 days is up tomorrow. However, I am not really sure I want to stop living in this bubble and face the outside world. Perhaps my true nature is that of an introvert with a touch of escapism.


You can watch Sara Brajovic playing the piano on YouTube; here two sessions selected for you!

Pandora’s Piano Interlude:

Piano Quaalude:


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