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If you feel trapped, if you feel inspired or simply mindful and aware. If you want to share your experience of this Spring 2020, email me – –  I am on the other side of your screen

  • Posted on 14.05.20
    Wilson Oryema on the social distancing and the idea of a sharing economy

    On the 11th of April 2020, Wilson Oryema called from his home in Brixton, his usual neighbourhood. We talked about social distancing, microbes and his creative possibilities in these times and after. Click to read more!

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    By Marisa Bellani

  • Posted on 13.05.20
    Lockdown Lens: Vision 20/20

    Azadeh Ghotbi sent me this very interesting take on our lives when we walk outside our homes. Azadeh was born in Iran and is now living and isolating in London. She works across painting & photography and in times like this she also writes. Enjoy this short but intense text.

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    By Azadeh Ghotbi

  • Posted on 04.05.20
    Touch Me Not

    'Touch me not' is a text by artist Anna Jochymek. Anna's work in general raises questions about social exclusion and marginalisation and She is currently researching on the concept of “space of fear” which she explores into relation to the condition of contemporary society for her PhD at the University of Fine Arts in Poznan in affiliation with the Slade School of Fine Art (UCL).

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    By Anna Jochymek

  • Posted on 30.04.20
    Good Friday

    Daisy Lewis is a friend, neighbour and confidant but also a very talented actress and writer. I was so pleased to receive her text because I knew the pleasure I would have reading it. What I didn't expect was how incisive would be her words, how her descriptions of feelings were going to be far from ethereal but so present and would cut through my skin. I felt a lot reading her words. (Thank you, Daisy). Enjoy!

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    By Daisy Lewis

  • Posted on 28.04.20
    On The Phone With Jason Basmajian

    Creative force and luxury industry tastemaker Jason Basmajian's career has focused to date on fashion and design. Heading various fashion brands, from Brioni to Gieves & Hawkes and most recently Cerruti, where he introduced a line for women alongside the menswear, Jason has an eye for immersive universe. I had the pleasure of meeting Jason in the English countryside at a common friend's house a couple of years ago. Having kept a friendly relationship with Jason, we had never really talked trends or work. The Covid Times initiative gave me the opportunity and the pleasure to discuss more in-depth aspects of both our work and inspirations. This interview is the first of a new series of audio recordings called 'On The Phone With...'.

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    By Marisa Bellani

  • Posted on 27.04.20

    I did not know Małgorzata Markiewicz before launching this initiative. Anna Jochymek recommended Małgorzata to get in touch. An artist and mother, Małgorzata lives and works in Krakow. Reading her essay 'Medusa' touched me deeply. The artistic practice of Markiewicz explores the complexity of contemporary gender dynamics in the context of the home environment, as well as broadly trying to understand society. These questions resonate in this period and are brought to the surface in the essay that Małgorzata has shared with me for The Covid Times.

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    By Malgorzata Markiewicz