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Weekly Reading from 27.06.2019

By RomanRoad Journal

Weekly Reading from 27.06.2019


Campaigning. How are US presidential candidates using the Internet to further their campaigns? Bernie Sanders’ campaign is by far the most tech-savvy, with volunteers manning Slack channels, Facebook groups, meme pages, and more. Created inadvertently, a new meme has emerged in light of Elizabeth Warren’s calls to “average people” while using a blocked ID. Finally, Trump’s campaign paid for premium real estate on YouTube’s homepage during the night of the first Democratic debate. More people saw his ads than the debate itself.
– Vox | Vox | Vox


Diseases. Misinformation about vaccines has led to measles outbreaks across the US, which, until recently, hadn’t had a case since 2000. Groups on social media have ballooned fears that vaccines cause autism and cancer. The problem is that anti-vaxxers threaten herd immunity: when more than 5 per cent of a population is unvaccinated, viruses can spread to its most vulnerable. New research shows that as the Arctic melts, it will release carbon, methane, nuclear waste, and ancient diseases, to which humans are not immune.
– Wired | BBC


Fashion. At Paris Fashion Week, many of the standout men’s collections resulted fromcollaborations with artists, including Loewe and Hilary Lloyd, Rick Owens and Thomas Houseago, and Dior and Daniel Arsham. In a new interview series, Emmanuel Perrotin discusses why he encouraged collaborations with fashion: to put contemporary art on the map. Although the art world was shocked when Takashi Murakami did his famous collaboration with Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton in 2007, the two industries have since cozied, as art world darlings are now regularly included on Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list.
– The Guardian | Artnet News | Artnet News


Advertising. Berlin-based artist Dorothea Nold duped investors when she put up three billboardsadvertising (fake) luxury new-build developments at in-demand locations. Her project calls attention to Berlin’s booming property market, where rent has risen faster than anywhere else in the world. Elephant reminisces about a Fanta ad circa 2005, during which time parents were outraged by the portrayal of bad table manners. This nostalgic look back shows how the ad popularised the trend of self-parody in branding.
– The Guardian | Elephant



Dior in collaboration with artist Daniel Arsham at Paris Fashion Week. Photograph: Peter White/Getty Images


How does one find a balance between belief, biomedicine, and alternative modes of care? In a new essay “The World is Unknown”, published by Triple Canopy, artist Carolyn Lazard reflects on how she cares for her body, medically speaking. Growing up with New Age parents, she was raised in a home that was deeply distrustful of biomedicine. However, ongoing struggles with various illnesses led her to find a balance.
– Carolyn Lazard


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